Tecomat Foxtrot control systems

The world's leading systems for flexible control of buildings,
smart homes, processes, machines, transportation,
and energy management.

Solutions & Products

Providing smart automation solutions, professional PLC, SCADA, and smart metering systems.
Home &
Building Automation

Advanced system for  automatic control of buildings, hotels, homes and apartments.

Tecomat Foxtrot
Control Systems

Automation controllers 

for buildings, processes and machines that requires high reliability.

Professional SCADA/HMI system for monitoring

and control of

industrial processes.

Our smart metering system automatically reads 

energy consumption data, validates it, and transfers it to a CRM system for billing.

Tailor-Made Control Solutions

Learn about the areas for which our professional, tailor-made control system solutions are designed.
Convention Center/Hotel
Multiroom Control

The perfect solution for controlling and visualizing modern systems used in hotels or convention centers, such as reservation systems, automatic audio/video/microphone control systems, and lighting control systems.

Meeting Rooms

Today, almost any meeting room needs modern equipment. We provide a control and visualization system for meeting rooms including the installation of room systems, such as conference systems, PTZ cameras, streaming/recording systems, or audio/video systems.

Trucks and RVs

A professional control system tailored to any truck or recreational vehicle and designed to control and visualize their sensors, hydraulics, energy consumption, air conditioning, Wi-Fi & Internet, multimedia systems, CCTV, security systems, etc.


A professional system designed to control and visualize your yacht's sensors, instruments (e.g., GPS, compass, wind, depth), energy consumption, air conditioning, Wi-Fi & Internet, multimedia systems, CCTV, security systems, etc.

Home & Building Automation

State of the art solutions for buildings, hotels, homes and apartments.
The world's leading compact PLC for the flexible control of buildings, smart homes, processes, machines, transportation and for energy management.

Designed for the control of any building technology in any building: family homes, hotels, administrative buildings, manufacturing halls,
smart cities.

Foxtrot is a flexible and open tool for controlling any industrial process.

Intended for the control of variable road signs from national traffic authorities, speed metering, telematics.

Foxtrot is a platform for manufacturers of single-purpose machines.

Provides manufacturing line control and monitoring for any industry and data reading/evaluation.

Used for the control and monitoring of tunnels, including connection to national traffic authorities.


Our products and solutions are used worldwide by premier companies
Companies that rely on our innovative product line:


Learn more about us.

GT SYSTEMS, LLC, is an integrated software and hardware company that targets markets in the areas of home and building automation, automated processes, and smart energy management.


In the USA, Canada, and Mexico, the company offers integrated control solutions for home comfort, security, lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning), and cloud services for fully automated homes and buildings.


The company products and services are based on the product portfolio of two Czech companies, GEOVAP and Teco, which have been operating worldwide for over 25 years. All of their software and hardware products are manufactured in the Czech Republic.​

GT SYSTEMS, LLC, is the sole owner of the UL license allowing the sale and distribution of electrical products in the U.S. markets.

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Phone: 813-598-0335​

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