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Low-energy Houses,

Mnisek, Czech Republic

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Control and visualization of 25 low-energy houses in the village of Mnisek, Czech Republic

July 17, 2018 | GT Systems

There are 25 low-energy single-family homes built by KONHEFR in the Czech village of Mnisek near the city of Liberec. These unique houses are designed by Michal Hlavacek, a famous Czech architect and a multiple winner of the Building of the Year award.

The houses are built in the area called "Na Americe". Five of them are built underground (the ground floor embedded in the ground), 20 of them are half-embedded (the ground floor built at ground level, the first floor above the ground).


Each house is built on a 2,000-square-meter area with windows installed on the south side, giving its residents a beautiful view of the Jizera Mountains. The houses are not unique only for how they are built, but also thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies that make them very energy efficient.

Half-embedded house, Mnisek, Czech Republic

Control and visualization systems

All houses are equipped with  Tecomat Foxtrot PLCs along with PAUL heat recovery ventilation systems. Smooth visualization and control are provided by HAIDY.

Thanks to the well-optimized combination of technology and house structure, the residents can start the heating season later in fall and keep the pleasant climate inside the houses much longer during summer. They also profit from the installation of the control system by cutting down their running costs, which are very low – between 24 and 31 euros per month. The entire project was divided into two stages. During the first stage, 11 houses were built and handed over to residents. The second stage includes the construction of 14 houses and is planned to be finished during 2018.

Low-energy single family home in the Czech village of Mnisek

The business director's opinion

"So far, we have received a very positive response from our clients who have been living in Mnisek for a year now", said Filip Rezek, Business Director of HAIDY. "Our control system has been received with great satisfaction and most installations have already been expanded with other elements and control modules. This is not a problem for us because when we install the system, we always expect that the client may want to expand his or her smart home features. The installation is ready for that."

Project Information


Czech Republic

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Control system

Tecomat Foxtrot

HAIDY – intelligent installation

Paul heat recovery ventilation systems

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