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Advanced system for controlling energy consumption at the Chodov and Cerny Most shopping malls

The Chodov and Cerny Most shopping malls belong among Prague's largest malls. Chodov with its 300 shops covers more than 100,000 square meters of retail space.

Such large buildings require an advanced system for controlling their energy consumption. That's why AVE, a smart metering system, was installed at these shopping malls. Some energy meters are read automatically by AVE once an hour while the rest of the energy meters are read twice a day. There are 1,458 meters in total. 95 % of them are read via the M-Bus protocol automatically with 99% success. The remaining 5 % of the meters are read manually once a month.

Chodov Shopping Mall

Chodov Shopping Mall, Prague 

The data is stored in an MS SQL database and subsequently validated in the system. AVE checks up zero values and measurement divergence compared to the previous month. Once the validation is finished, a data report is passed to the operator (energy manager) for confirmation. When confirmed by the operator, the report is sent to SAP (enterprise information system) for billing purposes.

The shopping malls' owner was extremely satisfied with the AVE installation and therefore decided to install it at another two shopping malls the company operates.

Cerny Most Shopping Mall

Cerny Most Shopping Mall, Prague

AVE Client

AVE Client

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June 19, 2018 | GT Systems

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