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Control and visualization of three fire brigade command vehicles, Port of Rotterdam harbour, Netherlands

In May 2012 we were asked by Cosmo Trucks to create a solution for visualization and control the new command vehicles for the fire brigade at the Port of Rotterdam harbour, Netherlands.


The fire brigade has ordered three special DAF trucks, two of them are equipped with all necessary communication and computer equipment. The third one is fitted with the necessary equipment for meetings of the service departments involved in the firefight process.


Placed at the Port of Rotterdam harbour, the vehicles provide a mobile nerve center where all services like fire brigade, police, medical services and port services are available. This mobile command centre makes it possible to centralize and control all the actions in case of an emergency.

Fire brigade command vehicle, Port of Rotterdam harbour

There are 3 Tecomat Foxtrot control systems installed in the vehicles. These systems provide a reliable monitor and control of various systems.  For example, retractable antennas, satellite dishes, doors, stairs, and storage compartments. On top of that, Tecomat Foxtrot is used for the control of trucks' air-conditioners, Victron UPS backup power systems, Fisher Panda generators, door access control with IP camera and the tanks monitoring.

Mobile connections

The system in the truck has two mobile connections. The first one is the SMS module with its own SIM card that can send urgent messages directly on the cellphones of the persons in charge. Also, the SMS messages are used for urgent alarms during the blackout, generator failure, fuel and temperature issues. If the persons receive an alarm text message from one of the trucks, there is the possibility to login to the system in the truck.

For this we have the second connection which is a UMTS Router in the truck that provides the mobile connection with a Smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, etc). Because the Foxtrot application is WEB based is can be opened on many devices that have a web browser. The small web based application for the Smartphones makes it possible to check the status of the truck. Also the status of each sensor unit or contact can be checked this way. This combination of alarm by SMS and login in the application makes service a lot easier and helps to keep these trucks available 24/7.

The command vehicle interior

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Tecomat Foxtrot

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Visualization and control functions

In the command centre, on work space for 8, there is mounted a 10” panel PC that runs the WEB application of the complete system. When the truck is in action the head of staff can check the climate in the truck, status of all sensors and the Main Power that can be provided by batteries, generator or from the outside 230V net.

Also the diesel fuel is monitored because the generator must have enough in case the truck is moving to another location. To enter the command centre on the platform of the truck there is a code lock to open the door or a button with a buzzer. With a small camera they can see who is at the door and open the door from their workspace. The truck is powered by 3 phase 380 Volt and have a powerful Victron UPS system to buffer the switching from normal Mains net to generator power. The advanced computer and communication equipment must stay working at any time.

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