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GEEN Holding's Building,

Brno, Czech Republic 

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Control and visualization of HVAC and lighting systems at GEEN Holding in the city of Brno, Czech Republic

GEEN Holding is an energy, engineering and investment group which was formed by 31 companies. It ensures the complete services for the energy sector from building sources of production electric energy for its distribution to its end customers. (Source:

GEEN building’s top floor was reconstructed in 2018. During the reconstruction, a former technical room has been redesigned into a modern floor with a meeting room, terrace and a control room. From here, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants as well as building’s HVAC and lighting systems are controlled.

Control system

Reliable control of the HVAC and lighting systems is provided by Tecomat Foxtrot. The reason why GEEN chose this control system is its long-term positive experience and satisfaction.

Tecomat Foxtrot controls the following systems:

  • Outside LED lights on a facade and on a terrace

  • RGB LED straps at the reception, meeting room and on the stairs

  • Lights in the technical room

  • Lights in offices, changing rooms and bathrooms

  • Smart switches with temperature sensors equipped with the DALI bus

  • HVAC system

  • Outside sunblinds

  • Weather station mounted on the roof


In the meeting room, a brand new lights as well as RGB LED illumination systems were installed.

Each office is equipped with a smart switch with a temperature sensor. Switches provide data to the system via the CIB bus (Common Installation Bus®). Nowadays, they are used occasionally, just for turning on and off the lights. They have been substituted by light scenes which are automatically set by the control system according to light sensors installed in the offices.


Light design plays a big role in the GEEN headquarters. 

Temperature in the offices is controlled by the HVAC system installed in the technical room on the roof. The system consists of three independent circuits and is designed to run autonomously. Its power is set according to CO2 and temperature sensors installed in every room. Night ventilation is also set automatically within a night mode. Also, 12 air-conditioning systems help to cool down the temperature in summer season. In winter, the building is heated via radiators with smart thermostatic heads, which are connected to the system via the CIB bus.


Left: Lighting and a handrail illumination systems installed on the terrace.

Right: Distribution box with the Tecomat Foxtrot provides control of entire floor.

The Tecomat Foxtrot PLC also provides control of all outside sun blinds that are installed on almost every window. Apart from sunlight shielding, the sun blinds are designed to protect the building from the heat during hot summer days. In case of strong winds or sudden wind gusts, the sun blinds are automatically disabled from the operation to prevent its destruction. This feature was achieved by installing a smart weather station on the roof. On top of that, each sun blind can be controlled over a smartphone.

The reconstruction was carried out within three months. At the end of the reconstruction, the Tecomat Foxtrot control system was installed to provide a reliable control of all processes.  We are glad that our solution helped to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Project Information


Czech Republic

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Control system

Tecomat Foxtrot

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June 11, 2019 | GT Systems

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