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Home Automation

Professional Home Automation system for reliable control of smart homes or houses that allows you to control the heat, lights, air-conditioning and security system as well as electrical appliances and devices.

Find out where you can use our home and building automation systems

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Automated comfort and security.

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Total control of your apartment.

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Commercial buildings

Unlimited possibilities for building automation. 

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Full automation, room control and energy savings.

Main Benefits

of Our System



Modular & Flexible


Advanced control systems for home and building automation


Tecomat Foxtrot

Compact modular controller of a category PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)  or PAC (Programable Automation Controller) with excellent support of intelligent electrical installations.

CFox expansion module

CFox – Wired Expansion Modules

CFox® – sensors and actuators – also called expansion modules – that are wired to a central unit (Tecomat Foxtrot) using the Common Installation Bus (CIB). These modules are used for intelligent electrical installations.

RFox - wireless interior peripheral module

RFox – A Wireless Electrical Installation for Smart Homes

RFox® – a wireless interior peripheral modules designed for smart home electrical installations.

Tecomat Foxtrot – Building & Home Automation Platform

On the diagram below, you can see how the Tecomat Foxtrot control system works in building and home automation.

Tecomat Foxtrot – Building & Home Automation Platform

Note: Click the picture to view in full size.

Features & Benefits


Our control systems take care of  technologies and processes like heating, air-conditioning, lights, shutters, security, cameras and multimedia.

Installation anywhere

Installation Anywhere

Expansion and peripheral modules can be easily installed anywhere. In the switchboards, on the DIN rails, in building's interiors – inside lights, switches or in the sockets. Moreover, all outside modules meet the IP65 protection standard.


Wide Range of Modules

Thanks to a wide range of expansion and peripheral modules (actuators, sensors, controllers, motion detectors, switches, sockets, etc.), our control systems can control almost any building automation process or home technology. It can be easily integrated with the leading manufacturers of smart home devices.

Remote control

Remote Control

Your smart home can be controlled over the touch panel, dedicated remote, smartphone, tablet, smart TV or a computer via integrated web server and secured cloud service TecoRoute. Easily configurable mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.


Unique Two-wire CIB Bus

Our original fast two-wire (power supply and communication on the same wire) CIB bus provides the flexibility and easy installation of all expansion modules. The CIB bus is protected by registered trademark.

All Networks

Free Topology & Fast Response

CIB bus supports free network topology - line, star and tree. Expansion modules 32 units per bus can be installed up to 400 meters from the control unit with guaranteed response time up to 150 ms.

Wireless communication

Wireless Communication

RF peripheral modules are designed for fast comunication with a central unit with a two way confirmation. RF modules are intended for easy remodelling to smart automation.

Remote control

TecoRoute – Advanced Cloud Service

Remote access to a house/building from anywhere with secured cloud service. 

TecoRoute service allows remote programming, 

system configuration and acces to web server app.


Saves Your Money

Thanks to advanced control of any technology/ process in a building or house, our home and building automation systems can save up to 3O% of costs per year.


Keeps Your Property Safe

Our systems keep watch over a building or a house. In case of unauthorized intrusion a notification is sent to your cell phone and/or a call to Guard Agency. Your security camera starts recording.

Fields of Use

HVAC and Air-conditioning



Control of the central air-conditioning, ventilation and recuperation systems. Automatic control of each room according to the preset, season, outside temperature, weather conditions, etc.

Heating system



Advanced control of the heating systems. Control of the boilers, radiators, floor heating, etc. Allows for independent room heating.


Lights &

Light Scenes

Control of the building's lights. Light scenes for various activities depending on the preset. Automatic  switching on and off the lights according to the season, time, sunshine, preset or even your presence.

Energy meter



Control of the building's energy consumption – power energy, water, gas and heat energy.

Photovoltaic system



Control of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

Security system

Security System,

Access Control

Our system watches over your property and alarms you (or the Guard Agency) in case of authorized intrusion.



Control of the building's camera system. Possibilty to display the video signal from the camera on a computer screen, LCD TV or even on a smartphone or a tablet.

Weather station



Thanks to the communication with weather stations, CFox can set the building's systems (eg. heating or HVAC) according the forecast.


Blinds, Jalousies,


Control of sunblinds, jalousies and shutters. Automated control according to season, time, sunshine, light scene etc.

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