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Advanced system for automatic control

of buildings, hotels, homes

and apartments.


Tecomat Foxtrot, a compact modular control and regulation system (PLC-type) with powerful processor

Control Systems & Software

for Building Automation

Industry-leading building automation systems designed for reliable control of various building systems used in today’s modern buildings. The comprehensive systems that enables you to reduce building energy consumption and increase its energy efficiency.


HVAC Control System

An affordable solution for control any HVAC process. Our solution is based on

Tecomat Foxtrot CP–2970x, a PLC-based control platform designed 


Tecomat Foxtrot CP–2970x


Control Solution for Solar

Energy Systems

An innovative, powerful and versatile

OEM control solution based on

Tecomat Foxtrot CP–2970x, an innovative, fast, powerful control system. The reliable control platform designed to be a versatile OEM control solution for your solar energy projects.


Electric Vehicles Charging System

PowerFox is an AC application kit designed for systems integrators and installers of the electric vehicles charging infrastructure.

The kit is unique with its possibilities to be integrated with a building or home control systems.


Control System for CNC Machines

Control system for CNC machines, industrial robots and production lines.

The reliable system which is built upon

our top class PLC – Tecomat Foxtrot.

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Smart Control System for Trucks & RVs

A professional control system tailored to any truck or recreational vehicle and designed to control and visualize their sensors, hydraulics, energy consumption, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi & Internet, multimedia systems, CCTV, security system, etc.


Smart Control System for Yachts & Boats

A professional system designed to control and visualize your yacht's sensors, instruments (e.g., GPS, compass, wind, depth), energy consumption, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi & Internet, multimedia systems, CCTV, security systems, etc.

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