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Modern Smart House, Prague

Control and visualization of home automation systems in modern smart house in Prague

In 2017, a new modern family house was built in Prague. During the construction, many smart/intelligent systems were installed. For reliable control of these systems, Tecomat Foxtrot was installed.


There are three air-conditioning units in the house. First two are used for the house ventilation and air-conditioning, the third one is used for air-conditioning of the swimming pool.

Also, the house is equipped with two heat pumps produced by Nibe and Mitsubishi. While the first one (Nibe) is used for heating the service water, the second one (Mitsubishi) – in connection with air-conditioning unit – handles the cooling process.

Today's modern houses cannot do without smart lights and smart shades and blinds. They were installed in the house as well.

On the roof, there is not only a TV antenna, but also four thermal solar panels which help heat the service water. You can find the weather station there as well. It provides meteorological data to the control system.


House's roof with thermal solar panels

Control system

Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1970 is the brain of all systems in the house. It provides reliable communication with peripherals connected to the system via the CFox bus. The Tecomat Foxtrot controls:

  • Air-conditioning units

  • Heating system

  • Lights and blinds

  • Heat pumps (Nibe and Mitsubishi)

  • Thermal solar panels on roof

  • Hot water accumulator tank

  • Filtration and heating systems in the pool

  • Security system and gate control

  • Weather station

The system can be controlled through the control panel with touch screen, or remotely via the owners’ smartphones and tablets connected to the system via Wi-Fi. Also, the system is equipped with own batteries that can cover the power outage of the electricity network.

The most of the time, the control system works autonomously, according to predefined scenes. If needed, the users can manually override the desired scene (e.g.: lower/rise the temperature, close/open the blinds, turn-on/off AC, etc.).

In case of unauthorized intrusion or robbery, the system automatically turns on an alarm, contacts the security agency and sends an information message to the owners’ phones.

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Novembver 28, 2018 | GT Systems

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