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Oslavany Engineering Plant

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Control and monitoring system of the hydraulic shock absorbers production for rail vehicles at Oslavany Engineering Plant, Czech Republic

Oslavany engineering plant close to the city of Brno, Czech Republic, is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic shock absorbers for rail vehicles and components for pneumatic and transport equipment.


Between 2016 and 2017, a new control and monitoring system with Tecomat Foxtrot was installed by Axomer. The control system provides reliable control and monitor of the machines for production of hydraulic shock absorbers.


The main request on the new control system was to maximize the utilization of machines, their operation states, as well as outages and failures.  Also, it was required to send the data from the machines' operation to the company ERP system. Moreover, the investor wanted to have the system complied with the Industry 4.0 Standards.

We are glad that Tecomat Foxtrot was chosen as a versatile control system that fitted the company’s needs on reliable communication with various machines supplied by the different producers.

Control system

Any machine’s information or state can be displayed on Tecomat Foxtrot’s  Web server online. The data from the processing of each machine is stored in the server database as well. Stored data is used for evaluation by the plant’s operators.  The system allows the operators/managers to display and filter the data according to his or her needs. In the event of machine’s failure or breakdown, the service sheet is automatically generated as well.

In addition, the control system communicates with Helios Orange, an ERP system that is (among other things) used for counting the machines’ work hours and for planning the maintenance.

Until now, over 43 machines in all five production halls has been connected via four Tecomat Foxtrot PLCs.

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September 13, 2018 | GT Systems

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