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Control system at the police academy shooting range, Netherlands

In 2014, our Dutch partner and distributor B&R Design was asked to create a central control system for a new police shooting range.

The building of the shooting range was under a reconstruction and its inner layout was designed for special police force and armed force training.

These training facilities are very realistic and teams use real weapons and live ammunition. Originally, the customer was considering a solution based on the KNX system, but when he found that using a solution built on our freely programmable Tecomat Foxtrot system will offer more features and options, the decision to build the entire system on Foxtrot was made.

Mainly, because Foxtrot does not require a separate visualization on PC and Smart Web interface. Plus Foxtrot could be used to control other technologies in the shooting range building such as lighting, blinds, CCTV, displays and ventilation.

Read the whole success story here.

Van der Valk Hotel, Netherlands

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