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Control and visualization of 15 congress halls at Van der Valk hotel in Veenendaleen, Netherlands

In 2014, a brand new Van Der Valk hotel was built close to Veenendaleen, Netherlands.

Since December 2014, the congress hotel has been put into full operation. In the hotel, there are 15 congress halls equipped with Audio/Video and building automation systems. For reliable control of all congress halls, three Foxtrot control systems have been installed.

Foxtrot provides control of audio and video signals leading to the halls, control video projectors, projector screens and large LCD screens with 4K resolution. Foxtrot also controls shutters, blinds, lighting and ventilation systems as well as the temperature in each room. The entire system is connected with the booking system used by ITesso hotel. Foxtrot creates a comfortable interior climate by using the event time plan.

The installation was carried out by our Dutch business partner, the B&R Custom Design company.

Read the whole success story here.

Van der Valk Hotel, Netherlands

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