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Technical Training Course: Tecomat Foxtrot in Industry, Building & Home Automation

Let us kindly invite you to the technical training course focused on Tecomat Foxtrot, its usage in industry, buildings, and home automation.


July 10 to 12, 2018 (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)


Teco HQ, Kolin, Czech Republic


  • Introduction to the Tecomat Foxtrot control system, CFox and RFox modules, system structure

  • Central modules – types, features, bus, I/O, typical use

  • Peripheral modules – modules connected via the TCL2 speed bus, modules connected via the CIB bus

  • Principles of system installation – requirements, recommendations, limits

  • Typical automation projects – choosing modules, optional solutions, potential risks, etc.

  • Introduction to software tools – Mosaic

  • Mosaic – opening a project, connecting a PLC

  • Hardware configuration, data structure of used modules

  • Programming - creating a function block and using it in a program

  • Using function libraries and function blocks, creating a library

  • Creating control Web pages

  • Using maintenance tools

  • The Reliance 4 SCADA system – presentation

Everything based on real examples and projects!

Individual needs and questions can be discussed during the training course.

IMPORTANT: Bring your own notebook!


All those who are interested in participating in the training course can register via email at ovcacek@tecomat.com until July 5, 2018. The number of participants is limited, please register as soon as possible.


We recommend that you arrive in Kolin on July 9 and stay in Pension Falconi.

Our address: Teco, Prumyslova zona Staralka 984, Kolin 280 02, Czech Republic

Tecomat Foxtrot Course