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Download the TecoInfo 39/2018 Magazine

A new issue of TecoInfo (39/2018) by Teco was released. The magazine keeps the customers up to date with the latest news, products and interesting installations/projects with Teco products.

Interesting topics and articles in this issue:

  • Tecomat Foxtrot completely controls the new Teco building

  • Tecomat Foxtrot PLC obtained UL certification

  • Reliance SCADA in 2017

  • New line of wall-mounted graphic touchscreens 7“, 10”, 15 “, 22”, 32”

  • New line of Touch@Glass panels

  • New wall-mounted controllers

  • We have became members of the KNX national group

  • Smart City

  • And many more…

The latest TecoInfo magazine can be downloaded in PDF from the following link.

A designer's manual for the CFox, RFox, and Foxtrot systems.

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