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Control system for tailor-made transportation trucks made by Roelofsen Carrosseriebouw Raalte

Roelofsen Carrosseriebouw Raalte B.V. is a Dutch company specialized in production of tailor-made trucks. The company offers a large scale of customization – from basic transportion vehicles, over multiple trucks for transportation of horses, to trucks made for sports branches.


In 2012, Teco OEM PLCs along with Capi2 Navetica touchscreen system by B&R Design were installed in the Roelofsen’s luxury RR6 Top Class Line horse trucks.


By using this combination, almost all the systems in the trucks can be controlled by a web-based application from one place. The installed system integrates many separate control panels into one touch-screen solution which provides a better overview of all vehicle systems.


From May 2012, six trucks have already been equipped with this unique solution. We are very happy that the system was very well received not only by the customers but also by the engineers at Roelofsen.

Truck interior

The Commander serves the following systems: 


  • Capi2 System (lighting, screens, pumps, etc) 

  • Victron Quadro system (24 – 230 V Converter) 

  • Onan Generator set – Multimedia system (Samsung/Bose)

  • Several measurements tank and pumps. Kabola Heating system


The system can be operated either from the panel PC or over a smartphone or a tablet. By adding a UMTS router along with SMS module, the system allows for sending alarm messages to the users’ cell phones.

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Control system


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February 6, 2018 | GT Systems

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