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Professional SCADA/HMI system
designed for monitoring and control
of industrial processes and building automation

Reliance SCADA

Features & Benefits


Reliance SCADA is an intuitive and easy-to-learn software. 


Advanced development environment allows you to create applications very easily and quickly.

for All Devices

Your visualization project is available even to remote users via a Web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

No Need for Programming

No need for programming as Reliance's basic functions are very easy to configure.

Integrated Diagnostics

Issues or inconsistencies in your application? Project diagnostics 

detects them all.


You can comfortably create multilanguage projects with Reliance SCADA. So, there is no problem to make a project for an international company.

Technical Support

Technical support directly from the Reliance Team is really outstanding. You can rely on it! We are willing to advise and help you deal with your issues.


Reliance is an easily accessible SCADA/HMI system with a surprisingly affordable price.

Installations All Over the World

The Reliance SCADA system has been successfully installed in thousands of locations to control and monitor systems and processes in various fields. Every day, the number of applications is increasing in all five inhabited continents.

Reliance map of the installations
Coca Cola
Marriott hotels


The Reliance SCADA system has the following structure.

The Reliance 4 Design development environment is intended for creating and editing visualization projects (applications). 

Runtime software

The runtime software is a program designed to run a visualization project on the end user's computer. It is used to control and monitor the visualized industrial process.

Reliance Combi Package
Reliance 4
Combi Package

Reliance 4 Combi Package is a keenly priced package of licenses for the Reliance Design development environment and the corresponding runtime software.

Thin clients

Reliance's thin clients are intended for making visualization applications available to remote users over the Internet. Thus, the user can easily display visualization projects in a Web browser, on a tablet, or on
a smartphone.

Communication drivers

Communication drivers are designed to transfer data from hardware devices to the runtime software and transfer commands from the runtime software to the devices in accordance with the device communication protocol.

Reliace OPC Server
OPC Server

Reliance OPC Server is a module of the Reliance 4 system which allows other applications to access a visualization project's tags via the standard OPC interface.

Native Communication Drivers

Reliance SCADA has a large amount of native communication drivers that allow you to communicate with your favourite control system.

Tecomat Foxtrot PLC
A list of native drivers
  • TECO

  • Siemens

  • WAGO

  • DNP3

  • Modbus


  • Johnson Controls

  • Rittmeyer

  • SNMP


  • ELGAS 2

  • ELCOR-94

  • Mitsubishi

  • BACnet

  • Motorola

  • KNX

  • OMNI

  • Sevbus

  • IEC 60870-5-104

  • Maatrix

...and many more

Download and Try Reliance SCADA Right Now!

Download the FREE* trial version of Reliance SCADA/HMI and begin creating great applications right away. Or just view the demo projects, download the leaflet, visit the Reliance SCADA website... It is up to you!

Note: * Free Trial version is limited up to 25 data points.

Reliance SCADA devices collage
What People Say About Reliance
Remco Schenk

Remco Schenk

product manager | Netherlands
Hiflex Automatiseringstechniek B.V.

Our company only sells products of high quality and we can say without a doubt that Reliance SCADA meets our high standards.

Alvaro Mallol

Alvaro Mallol

Reliance is a very powerful SCADA/HMI system for both industrial processes and building automation. 

Henk de Graaf

Henk de Graaf

The Reliance SCADA package is well priced but, importantly, also well supported by the developers in the Czech Republic.

managing director | Spain
managing director | Australia
Dicomat-Asetyc Group
Industrial Automation Group Pty Ltd

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