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A system designed to automatically read energy-consumption data
from different types of devices, validate it, show it on a PC, in a Web browser,
or on a tablet/smartphone, and pass it to a CRM system for billing purposes.







AVE is designed for

Energy distribution companies
Energy Distribution

The automatic reading of business data from different types of energy meters, checking and transfer of the data to billing systems and

third-party applications.

Energy traders

Provides an overview of customers' energy consumption using a Web application. The trader can access data only from the period during which they have a contract with the customer.

Power engineers

A perfect tool for the monitoring of the maximum hourly/daily energy consumption. Meter reading data is presented in the form of tables, trends, and reports.

Energy consumers

The Web portal allows every consumer to view the amount of energy they have consumed. They can also manually enter new meter reading data into the system.

Main Advantages

  • Automatic energy-consumption reading

  • Detailed monitoring of energy consumption

  • Reading the consumption of millions of households

  • Support for meters from different manufacturers

  • Tens of thousands of remote transfers

  • Easy extensibility and scalability

  • Energy-reading cost reduction

  • Leak and theft detection

  • Outstanding technical support

  • Possible integration with GIS and SCADA systems

  • Bidirectional communication with CRM/billing systems

  • Sending alarms via text and email messages

  • Meets security audit requirements

  • Easy data exchange with MS Excel

  • Energy balance module

AVE system collage
"AVE is the winner of the prestigious Microsoft Industry Awards 2008 competition in the category Best Solution in Industrial Production."

AVE System Modules

AVE Client
AVE Client

AVE's main client module used for working with data and managing the entire system.

Ave Web Client
AVE Web Client

A thin client designed for providing data (reports, consumption diagrams) to end users and energy traders.

AVE Droid
AVE Droid

A client application designed for smartphones and tablets.

It gives the user a perfect overview of the whole system.

AVE Mobile
AVE Mobile

An application designed for offline data reading using an optical Bluetooth head connected to a tablet or smartphone.

AVE Modom
AVE Modom

A module designed for the offline reading of household consumption using reading terminals.

Self-meter reading
Self Meter Reading

An add-on to AVE Modom intended for smartphones and tablets. It is a Web app in which end users enter their meter reading data.

How AVE System Works

The picture below shows how the AVE system works. It obtains data from different types of devices, validates it, stores it in a uniform data format for monthly evaluation, and provides it to customers via the Internet or third-party applications.

AVE system topology

Worldwide Installations

The AVE system is used throughout the world by the largest energy companies.

World map

Check out demo application and view the AVE metering system in its entirety! Data for the demo is received from more than 60 real devices. Also, you can download the leaflet in PDF.

Try Demo or Download the Leaflet

AVE sysem collage

Important: By clicking the Try AVE Demo button, you will be redirected to the AVE demo project page where you can try one of three demo projects. 

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