OEM Control Solution

for Solar Energy


An innovative, powerful and versatile

OEM control solution designed for

reliable control of any solar system.


Tecomat Foxtrot CP–2970x – OEM Control System

for Your Solar Energy Projects

Meet the Tecomat Foxtrot CP–2970x, an innovative, fast, powerful control system. The reliable control platform designed to be a versatile OEM control solution for your solar energy projects.



Versatile & Flexible

Versatile and flexible control solution almost for any solar energy project.

Fast Data


Fast data communication via

RS-484 and RS-232 BUSes. 

Great Control


The system can be controlled and monitored locally via controllers/HMI panels or remotely via PC, tablet or a smartphone.

Safe & Secured Access

Remote access via highly-secured TecoRoute service.



The system allows for installation of our own SCADA system.

Tecomat Foxtrot CP–2970x  Versatile Control Platfrom

On the image below, you can see the diagram of the Tecomat Foxtrot CP2970x.

Note: Click the picture to view in full size.

Tecomat Foxtrot CP2970x - Versatile Control Platform

Flexible Solution for Any Solar Energy Process

Our OEM system allows for control of almost any solar energy process. The system is great for control of solar power plants or wind farms. With its support of IEC EN 61-131 (international standard for PLC programming), the system allows for secure and scalable programming of any process.

Advanced Possibilities Of Controlling & Monitoring

Remote access via a highly secured TecoRoute service which enables you to access plant's controller (PLC) for dispatching, remote programming, firmware update, webserver modification, and re-design.

Tecomat Foxtrot CP–2970x

I/O Configuration Options 

Note: Click the picture to view in full size.

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