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Traffic Information Boards,

D1 Highway, Czech Republic

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Control system for traffic information boards on D1, the longest highway in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to its reliability and trouble-free operation, Tecomat Foxtrot is very often used for controlling the traffic lights. For example, Tecomats control the vast majority of newly installed information traffic boards on major roads in Prague.


In 2013, an extensive reconstruction of D1 – the longest highway in the Czech Republic – has started. Since 2017, reliable Foxtrots have been used to control traffic signs and information boards by SWARCO TRAFFIC CZ. These boards are installed along the reconstructed parts of the highway.


A large information board (gate) on the D1 highway

Apart from controlling the information board, Tecomat Foxtrot provides the communication with the National Traffic Information Center (NTIC) – a local authority that collects and process the data from the traffic throughout the country. The processed and authorized data is released as official traffic reports for subscribers (TVs, radio stations, etc.). Also, the same reports are often displayed on information boards along the roads.


A small information board along the road can display any important information for the drivers passing through the road section. It can be either warning sign or some text.


This type of the information board displays air and the highway surface temperatures.

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Czech Republic

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Control system

Tecomat Foxtrot

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January 20, 2019 | GT Systems

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