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Bridge Illumination in

The Dutch City of Zutphen

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Control and visualization of bridge illumination in the Dutch city of Zutphen

Zutphen is a city located in the province of Gelderland, Netherlands. It lies 30 km northeast of Arnhem, on the eastern bank of the river IJssel at the point where it is joined by the Berkel. A bridge in the city of Zutphen has long tradition. The original one was built in twelve century. Since then, seven bridge frames has been built on its foundations. The last one frame was built in 1976. It is made from steel and allows for vehicles, trains and pedestrians cross over it.


In May 2017, it was decided to start with reconstruction of the bridge frame which was in bad shape at that time.  The reconstruction included an extension of the traffic lanes, construction of a new pavement for the pedestrians and cyclists, and an installation of an illumination system. The reconstruction was carried out by G.M. Damsteegt B.V. in cooperation with SPIE and B&R design B.V.


The visualization of the bridge in the city of Zutphen, Netherlands

Illumination system

The illumination system is created by 24 LED projectors by SILL mounted on the bridge frame between the pavement and the traffic lanes, 131 RGB-W  LED luminaires by Lumenpulse which illuminate the pavement, and 26 RGB W luminaires by BEGA which illuminate the stairs.

Control system

For reliable control of the bridge illumination, Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1015 along with MR-0105 communication submodule were chosen. The communication with lights (which support for DALI bus) is provided over the C-DL-0064M modules that are connected to Tecomat Foxtrot via the 2-wired CIB Bus (Common Installation Bus).

The illumination system is programmed for automatic running according to the season (see below). If needed, it can be controlled via an HMI panel located in the operator's room. The HMI panel communicates with Tecomat Foxtrot over a 4G/LTE router. In case of maintenance, the system allows operators to login to the Tecomat Foxtrot's website server remotely over the Internet browser.


The bridge can be illuminated with any color from RGB spectre

Illumination during the seasons

As written above, the system allows for automatic illumination of the bridge based on the current season. What color will be set is defined by temperature sensors installed on the bridge. It means that during cold winter days, the bridge is illuminated in cool white. Whereas in summer hot days, it is illuminated in red.

The automatic illumination can be overridden manually by the operators. This feature is used on certain (extraordinary) days like on public holidays.

Another nice feature of the system is its automatic turning on and off according to the sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.

The image gallery

In this picture, the bridge is illuminated in blue


The visualization of the illumination system


The visualization of the illumination system

Project Information



Implemented by

G.M. Damsteegt B.V.

B&R Design B.V.



Control system

Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1015

MR-0105 Submodule

C-DL-0064M Module

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